NEW! Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera for The Toddlers

Every parent is worried about their home's security, their children, and other family members' safety when they are away. Luckily, at AOV Bestsellers, we have come up with just the perfect solution for your worries as we have the new Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera for the toddlers.

Nowadays, it isn't easy to look after your home's matters and be at work or any other activity simultaneously. You need to check on your toddler's activity constantly for their safety, behavior, and school homework. To do that you have to hire a nanny or a babysitter which can cost you a lot of money, or install baby monitors and surveillance camera that only works one way. 

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Similarly, if you own a business, you are too busy handling all the matters and have to pay a lot of money for security purposes. You install bulky cameras, security guards, and all that stuff, but you still don't have peace of mind and are constantly worried about your business's security.

So you might be thinking of a cost-effective solution, and importantly that works remotely to give peace of mind and not be worried about the home security and your toddler's activities or your business security. You will come across many products on the market claiming to provide better home security solutions, children monitors, and baby cameras. Still, the choices are too many to get confused on selecting the best product you need. So, as we have shared with you before, you don't have to worry about that! We present you the new Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera that gives complete control into your hands.

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Now you can easily monitor your toddler's activity with this Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera and have a full 360 view of the room or any other place no matter day or night as this camera bulb has night vision. This new product gives you mobile access on your phone and makes monitoring your children very easy. With this cam, you can have two-way communication as there is a mic and a speaker so you can talk to your toddlers and keep them engaged. So stay with us here at AOV Bestsellers as we explore the features of this fantastic product for you.


NEW! Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera

Your life just has been made easier by the wireless light bulb HD camera presented to you by AOV Bestsellers. Now, you don't have to constantly go out of bed and check on your children while they are asleep, playing or doing homework when you are at home, or be worried about them when you are at work. Monitor your children's room or play area or your pets and other activities at your home or office using your smartphone, which can be connected to the WiFi camera remotely in real-time. Or keep a watchful eye on your business from anywhere.

This wireless security camera comes in a box packaging with a user manual and has many features packed in it. The dimensions of the wireless light bulb HD camera are 18cm X 8cm. The LED bulb surrounds the camera lens, which gives it an appearance of a regular LED bulb. Installation of this home security camera is effortless. You have to screw it into the lamp holder, install the camera app using a QR code, and log in to add the 360 WiFi camera device.


Let's dig into the main features of this Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera...

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Camera Module and Video Quality
This Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera comes equipped with a 1.3 Megapixels lens with a 1.44mm size. It shoots an HD 1280x960 P video which can either be stored on an SD card or viewed on your smartphone remotely in real-time. Generally, for a wide-angle view, you need five cameras at the same time. Still, with the fisheye lens on this home security camera, you can have a 360-degree panoramic view of your children's room, workplace, or any other indoor place you wish to install it. There will be no corner unseen with various viewing modes like panorama, the multidimensional, and split-screen, which means fewer worries.

A Smart Security Companion
First of all, this light bulb camera's discrete size makes it unnoticeable as it looks just like an ordinary light bulb. It also comes with an interactive two-way communication system like an intercom. Through which you can talk to and listen to your children and keep them engaged, or you can caution your employees in the office or scare a burglar away who tries to steal something when you are away. A smart motion detector will detect any movement and give an email alarm on your phone by sending the picture and starting recording the video.

Remote Operations Controlled by You
This Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera gives complete control to your hands. Now you can monitor in real-time on your phone your children's activity at home, your workspace security, shop, warehouse, and any other place you are concerned with remotely connected via a wireless connection. Not only viewing in real-time, but you can also record, share, and playback video anytime. The multi-sharing support helps your other family members stay connected and keep an eye on everything relieving you when you are busy. This camera lamp can be switched on and off remotely by the user via the camera app on their phone. 

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera for the toddlers'


How to Order the Product?

At AOV Bestsellers, we understand how complex the order process can be, but our process is simple and straightforward. It can be easily be implemented by following the steps below.

            - Select the Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera or any product you desire.

            - Add it to the cart and continue your shopping.

            - Once done with selecting the items, open your cart.

            - Proceed to checkout and enter all the required details.

            - Product will be delivered during the timeline.


In conclusion,

We have shared about the Wireless Light Bulb HD Camera brought to you by AOV Bestsellers. From installing to operating this home security camera, we have shown you how easy it is. Most importantly, it takes away all your worries about the safety and security of your loved ones, especially the toddlers, and even the pets at home or your office, shop, restaurant, etc. This product will save you a lot of time and money.

So, hurry up and order yours today!


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