NEW! Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone for The Millennials

The popularity of drones is increasing day by day as millennials and teenagers show an increased interest in this new technology. As technology has progressed, drones have evolved too. Currently, around the world, this piece of technology issued in many applications, such as military use, agriculture, film making and photography, observation and exploration of hard to reach places and even used in home delivery of items. Keeping the popular trend in mind here at AOV Bestsellers, we present you Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone, ideal for hobby flying, photography and film making.

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In the recent past, drones were considered a luxury paly item and their exposure in the market was low. Due to their limited uses and complicated controls, drones were not popular as they are today. These days’ drones are used almost in every field of life. These days’ camera drones are used by law enforcement agencies, firefighting services, goods delivery service, photography and film making, hard to reach places by explorers and, of course, hobby flying.

You might be thinking that drones are difficult to fly and are expensive. Most of the professional drones manufactured are expensive and difficult to operate, and require a lot of practice. As the market for drones with the camera has expanded, you will find a lot of models that claim the best camera drone and user experience, but there are many things to worry about when buying drones with camera. If you don’t do a little research on the specifications and features of the product, then chances are you might end up buying the wrong camera drone.

Here at AOV Bestsellers, we present you with the best products and give you details on function, features, and specifications. Similarly, the Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone is brought to you by AOV bestsellers which are cost-effective and user friendly. With this HD camera drone, you can shoot high-quality 4K video and pictures. Let’s get to the features and specifications in detail.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Premiere 4K HD Drone for the millennials'

NEW! Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone

Unlike other drones with sophisticated and expensive cameras, the Premiere 4K HD camera drone presented by AOV Bestsellers is an all-rounder. With extra features and a high-resolution 4K HD camera, you will learn to fly it just in an hour of using it if you don’t have prior experience. This camera drone is ideal for those millennials who love adventure and drone photography. Now you can shoot professional pictures and videos, explore places, keep a watchful eye on your properties security and much more.

The Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone comes in packaging with remote control, spare rotor blades, a charging cable, rotor protectors, and a screwdriver. This drone features a folding rotor design which comes in handy for carrying it around without damaging them. The folded dimensions are 14x15x6cm, and it fits the palm of your hand; the flight-ready dimensions are 22x25x6cm. The battery capacity of this camera drone is 1800mAH which charges in 90 minutes; the remote controller needs three 1.5V standard batteries.


Let’s Take a Look at the Camera Quality and Flight Control Features...

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Premiere 4K HD Drone for the millennials'

Camera Quality on Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone
The camera module on this drone is a high resolution 4K HD camera with a 110-degree wide field of view. It also has EIS, which helps record and capture smooth and blur-free video and pictures. Picture resolution is remarkable, which is 3840 x 2160 pixels and shoots video with 1080p at 60fps and 4K video at 30fps. The 5GHz video transmission provides smoother image transmission. Now with this cool piece of technology, you can be as good as any professional photographer.

Flight Control Features 
Operating this Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone drone is very easy. The brushless motors provide maximum thrust; with active gravity and air pressure, the altitude control system on the drone can hover easily both indoors and outdoors. The remote control has fewer buttons for the flight controls and has a mount for a smartphone linked to a drone via a phone app for controls and video streaming.

This smart drone has some features that others lack, i.e. with a touch of a button; the drone can take off and land automatically. You can also program the flight path for the drone by giving it waypoints, and it will follow them. You can also recall your drone with the return key, and your drone will come back to you by itself.

So if you are camping, partying or involved in any other activity this Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone is your perfect companion and record all your beautiful moments with it.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Premiere 4K HD Drone for the millennials'

How to Order the Drone?

AOV Bestsellers understand that the buying process needs to be to the point. That is why we have introduced a simple step-by-step procedure for our buyers.

            - Select the Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone or any product you desire.

            - Add it to the cart and continue your shopping.

            - Once done with selecting the items, open your cart.

            - Proceed to checkout and enter all the required details.

            - Boom! Product will be delivered during the timeline.


In Conclusion...

AOV Bestsellers have brought you an amazing piece of technology in the shape of Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone. We talked about all the features of this drone with camera and talked in-depth about its specifications. With the help of this drone camera, you can enjoy capturing high-quality images and videos, explore new places and take care of your properties security.

One of the best drones in its category, inexpensive to buy and easy to operate, don’t wait any longer and order your Premiere 4K HD Camera Drone now. 



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